Male swimmers need additional straps to hold the transmitter piece on to the chest. When diving or pushing off the walls, the chest sensor/transmitter piece catches water and lifts off, loosing the heart signal. The $74.00 cost from the factory is a bit much. I made one for less than $2.00 worth of one inch wide stretch elastic and two minutes on a sewing machine. For competition I also wear a Speedo 2000 full body suit that covers the monitor and straps. Approximately 36 inches of elastic is folded over and sewn across about two inches from the doubled end. This loop will go over the center of the sensor/transmitter piece Each free end of the elastic is looped over for 1.5 inches, and sewn so there are now two loops to thread the monitors stretch band through. You may have to make small adjustments for your height and this can be done by trying on before sewing the last loops.

belt as sewn

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