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Breaststroker's Web Page, The definitive site dedicated to competition Breaststroke articles, training and coaching.

It is expensive to maintain this web site so that others may benefit from my knowledge. Free sites are gone. Please use the PayPal icon to donate a small amount to keep this site open. Wayne McCauley is the author of numerous articles about swimming and competition Breaststroke.

Wayne's Article " Is the Grab Start Dead?" after the 2004 Olympic Trials just published in American Swimming Magazine Volume 2004 Issue 5 March 2005 Issue

Wayne's Article " What went right with the wave style Breaststroke" after the 2004 Olympic Trials

Wayne's Article " What went wrong with the wave style Breaststroke" from American Swimming Magazine Volume 2004 Issue 1

Wayne's Article "Rethinking Sprint Breast Stroke" from the December 2001 Swim Technique Magazine

Wayne's Powerpoint presentation "Advanced Breaststroke - Ideas and drills that work" from the to the 2003 ASCA World Clinic

I highly recommend coaches and swimmers subscribe to Dr. Brent Rushall's website
and CD of the "Coaching Science Abstracts Compact Disk"

Dr. Rushall has graciously allowed me to include some very valuable information in my ASCA presentation.

Publications and writings:

  • "Breaststrokers Web Page" number 1 rated web site for breaststroke articles in all search engines.
  • Articles for SPMA's "Swimmers Source and SPMA Newsletter" newsletter for 12 years.Link
  • Breaststroke article for "Swim Technique" Magazine October-December 2001 issue. Link
  • Breaststroke article and Video reviews for "Swim" Magazine. Link
  • Articles for "Fleet Feet" Magazine, heart rate monitors and using them in pool training.
  • Articles published (4) in "ASCA Newsletter" on Breaststroke turns, Coaching Breaststroke, and Starts.
  • Article published in ASCA "American Swimming" Magazine on Breaststroke. Link
  • Article published in ASCA "American Swimming" magazine 2002 Issue 3 on "What Make a Champion: How Much Detail to Teach Your Swimmers".
  • Swimming World Magazine Site of the Week twice
Masters Swimming accomplishments:
  • National and World ranked 18 consecutive years.
  • National champion Breaststroke
  • All-American Breaststroke (fastest time in USA for age group)
  • Competed in numerous International Masters meets, Scotland, Paris, Australia.


  • American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) Certified Level 5 Masters. ASCA Level 5 Certificate Level 5 is the top 3% of coaches, determined by education, experience, achievement, and contributions to swimming.
  • Completed Level 1 Foundations of Coaching school
  • Completed Level 2 Stroke School
  • Completed Level 3 Physiology School
  • Completed Level 4 Administration School
  • Completed Level 5 Leadership School.
  • Completed Masters Certification School.
  • Completed Dry-land Training School.
  • Completed Personal Organization for Coaches.
  • Completed Vital Reading for Coaches.
  • Completed Teaching Age Group Developmental Sports Psychology.
  • CPR and First Aid.
  • Member Masters Aquatic Coaches Association (MACA).

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